How to compile own kernel for DNS-313

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Forum provides few threads and posts in different places about compiling own kernel. I tried use it but unsuccessfuly. Unfortunately all people who compiled own kernel didn’t share their .config. I decided to describe for everyone step by step how to do it. If don’t want to play, or just don’t have enough knowledge please feel free to download my kernel. My configuration works for sure with DNS-313 rev A. I have no idea what is the difference beetwen A and B revision (Amount of memory and?). I guess that is possible to adjust it with little effort.

Installing own linux

First time when I tried to compile my kernel I thought that I have to do it under ARM. You don’t. Everything what we need is some piece of i386 architecture linux – any distro even you don’t need any developer stuff. Rest files you can download from D-Link ftp server and run it in chroot jail.

Build evironment

First we should download GPL Source Code for Firmware v1.01 which provides toolchain, compilers, and kernel source.

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