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my sattelite dish correction

Recently after windy days I have lost signal on the sat tv. There are some steps to remember for the next time when issue happen again.

My satellite dish:

First check where you are and what parameters should be used for your location.

and a result was:

Distance: 38934km
Elevation: 26.5
Azimuth (true): 156.4
Azimuth (magn.): 160.3
LNB Skew [?]: -13.8
Turn counter-clockwise standing behind the dish

Azimuth I have set according the satellite map on the, just aiming to the right place in the building in front of me.

Elevation angle in this dish can be set according to this:

In my case correct angle on the offset dish should be 26.5 but scale is not optimal so I measured again after successful adjusting what is angle on the LNB support to make life easier next time. It seems to be |9.5|. It means that you need decrease value for 17.

for instance:

dishpoint shows 26.5. Equation: 26.5-17=9.5

dishpoint shows 33. Equation should be: 33-17=16

This is easier way to measure because it makes sense even you do not have right level vertically/horizontally.

Now time to see level of the signal. In my Dreambox you have to choose channel and its parameters. For instance this:

Android appliance is the best to measure current signal level AGC and SNR. The best app I found for enigma2 is hereEnigma Signal Meter-SatFinder - screenshot thumbnail:

Here is a list of the transponders:

The latest satellite.xml file for the Dreambox:

SatTV accessories in Dublin if something is broken or missing:

Everything about satellites and how to adjust your dish correctly:

wordpress – moving to different server

Finally bought private hosting server with new domain and first issue… How to migrate all content to the new place. I tried copied files and just use export xml file. As it works for content in terms of posts it doesn’t for images and attachments. After 2 days of struggling with this scenario finally I spotted light in the tunnel.

Uncle google said:

Great tutorial how to move everything like database and content to new place and have fun. It really save at least 4 hours of nerves and frustration. Good luck!

Quick setup own distcc farm

When I migrated to Gentoo, I have realised how easy can be compiling from the sources. We have faster computers, couple of cores in one processor. Seems to compiling everything from scratch shouldn’t be difficult. But how we can speed up this process. If you poses some unused PCs, laptops and you could use them for the moment, you can create computer farm for the tool called distccd. Ok but you can say there is a Windows or no system. It doesn’t matter. If there is a network adapter and computer is bootable from pendrive/cdrom, that’s everything what you need. The knowledge about clouds, matrix or clustering is unnecessary. I will try to explain how to easy create own distcc-livecd image.


As we can read on official website, distcc is a program to distribute builds of C, C++, Objective C or Objective C++ code across several machines on a network. Distcc should always generate the same results as a local build, is simple to install and use, and is usually faster than a local compile. Configuration is also written well on that website and better in the Gentoo context we may find on Gentoo Distcc Documentation

Calculate Linux

Calculate linux is one of the distributions created on top of Gentoo. We can use portage and the same tools. This distro can be downloaded in few different versions:

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Transparent conky background in KDE-4.5

You install new KDE-4.5 and conky’s background seems to be different then you real wallpaper? You lost transparency effect.Everything what you need to know and do is using cmd program feh which should be able to redraw your current wallpaper for conky.

The best idea is write script like this one:

feh --bg-scale "`grep 'wallpaper=' ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc | tail --bytes=+11`"

After execute it conky should automatically update background for right one. Unfortunately you need to run is every time when you change wallpaper.

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