Lenovo N100 & kubuntu 4.07

I think ubuntu was created as dedicated distribution for Lenovo N100 🙂 Of course it’s mine opinion only.
I tried Suse 10.1, even I wrote an article. Unfortunately no everything worked. Bad quality sound if we input headphone, mmc reader does not work properly, bluetooth only in OBEX function, etc.

Kubuntu 4.07 has new 2.6.20-15 kernel. I have problem only with Authentec finger scanner. It’ll be better if I write only what is OK and what no:
Positives in oposite to SuSe;

Everything work properly. Kubuntu distribution doesn’t have problems with sound after connecting headphones. If we do this we hear sound in headphones only.

SD/MMC Reader
There is new kernel with mmc/sd readers support. Litlle older was in OpenSuse 10.2 but sometimes copyied files was corrupted. Here everything work fine.

Wireless network
We can use native kernel module bcm43xx which recognize Broadcom chipset, but it is no good idea. We may have problems with discover networks, authentification, LEDs etc.
I installed ndiswrapper drivers (mini how-to is on my ” N100 on SuSe” article). However ubuntu works better – knetworkmanager discover properly all networks and show signal level!

After install kubuntu we doesn’t have wide screen resolution, even if we have proper mode 1200×800. We need install two packages:

915resolution – resolution modification tool for Intel graphic chipset
xserver-xorg-video-intel – X.Org X server — Intel i8xx, i9xx display driver

I modify also config file according to SUSe xorg.conf, because I had problems with touchpad. After few minutes pointer stoppped work or move to random position. My config is here.

Multimedia keys
We don’t have to install any extra software. After install distribution we have properly configured multimedia keys.

gkrellm program indicate proper temperature. It is enough to cover snout and temperature smoothly growth.

Positives in opposite of SuSe distribution

  • apt-get work much faster, bigger database, faster operate database index, it’s native package manager, dependency
  • system start and shutdown faster
  • GRUB perfectly recognize partitions even hidden IBM diagnostic, we have start from it 🙂
  • simple installation, kubuntu install basic system and rest we download with apt-get – minimalism
  • it seems that everything work ever! not almost ever

I think it is enough in order to change distribution on kubuntu or don’t waste a time and install full functionally Linux on your laptop. Please comment if you have notices.


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