Linux Time Stamp Server

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A time-stamping service supports assertions of proof that a datum existed before a particular time. A TSA may be operated as a Trusted Third Party (TTP) service, though other operational models may be appropriate, e.g., an organization might require a TSA for internal time-stamping purposes.
The TSA is a TTP that creates time-stamp tokens in order to indicate that a datum existed at a particular point in time.
These project include two elements:
– TSA Server (
– Simple TSA Client (

Both scripts have been written in Perl. Server works on Linux system as deamon and listen on port 318. After receiving time stamp request message, server generate time stamp response and sent it back.
Server base on OpenSSL and ts patch, that you can download from site:


– Perl
– OpenSSL with Time Stamp patch


1. install perl for your Distribution of Linux

2. download the correct version of OpenSSL from

3. download correct Time Stamp patch to OpenSSL from

4. extract OpenSSL:

$ gzip -cd openssl-VERSION.tar.gz | tar xf -

5. apply the OpenTSA patch (you should not see any error messages while
applying the patch):

$ cd openssl-VERSION
$ gzip -cd ts-VERSION.patch.gz | patch -p1

6. follow the instructions in the OpenSSL documentation for configuring
and building OpenSSL. Here is a brief summary:

$ ./config
$ make
$ make test

as root:

$ make install


Server script ( require correct path to certificate.
In order to run write:

$ perl
$ ./

Client script ( require five parameters:
host – host address to time Stamp server
port – server port
file.tsq – Time Stamp Request file
file.tsr – Time Stamp Response file



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