Transparent conky background in KDE-4.5

You install new KDE-4.5 and conky’s background seems to be different then you real wallpaper? You lost transparency effect.Everything what you need to know and do is using cmd program feh which should be able to redraw your current wallpaper for conky.

The best idea is write script like this one:

feh --bg-scale "`grep 'wallpaper=' ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc | tail --bytes=+11`"

After execute it conky should automatically update background for right one. Unfortunately you need to run is every time when you change wallpaper.

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Gentoo + KDE4.4 + compiz-fusion + 1300 FPS

Yes, maybe 1300 fps it is not exciting for someone who has ATI or NVidia card on board, but for my Intel 945GEM it’s back to times before KMS.
Anyway few months I suffered from 3D performance regression. I was happy if I saw 300 FPS. Now desktop can look great and to be fast. How to do it under Gentoo:
1. your system should be ready for “unstable” packages. Hence please accept ~x86 keyword in /etc/make.conf
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KDE 4.4.2 released!

As we can read on website yesterday has been released update for KDE4.4. New release contains many bugfixes against crashes. It is a recommended upgrade for everyone running KDE SC 4.4.1. More information on official KDE blog.
List of all changes you can find in changelog.
Of course for Gentoo users who has unstable keywords enabled ebuilds are ready